November 09, 2003

Hawaii & Croatia 3D Picture Galleries

I presented some flash sessions in Hawaii in Croatia in September and October at two film festivals, Cinema Paradise and Zagreb Film Festival(for Digital Exchange Croatia 01). A shout out to Nicholas DaSilva from FlashTV & for making everything possible!

Man what a trip! I live in North Carolina, so Hawaii and Croatia were 12hr trips in opposite directions. Luckily, I was also able to drop by a couple of places on my way to Croatia. I dropped by Berlin and saw,, sipped some cheap beer in Prague, and took a dip in a hot spring in Budapest:)

I met a lot of cool people in Croatia, and I'm really thankful to the two awesome organizers of Digital Exchange Croatia, Helena & Zvonimir! They organized a really cool trip to the coastal town of Split and to an outlying island off the coast of Croatia, for all the speakers after the conference. Pictures are worth a lot more words as they say, so here are 2 picture galleries I made, 1 for Hawaii and 1 for Croatia. I thought I would continue playing with different ways to mix 3d space and navigation, so any feedback is appreciated:

Posted by thomasglyn at November 9, 2003 04:39 AM
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